Especially if you live in rented accommodation, you can’t always change, remove or add things exactly to your tastes and chances are if this is the case for you that you are surrounded by soulless white or ecru walls that you can’t even hammer a nail into to hang up a picture or two. Luckily however, these days it is easier than ever to fulfil your interior design fantasies (to some extent anyway) without having to apply a lick of paint or pick up the hammer. So if you’re bored of the same tired walls, we’ve got some solutions for you.

One of our first recommendations before you even start to think about what you would like to put on the wall is to buy some damage-free hanging strips. Depending on their size, these can carry a pretty heavy load and yet are easy to remove once you need to move and won’t leave the smallest trace of their ever being there. Big supermarkets often stock them, and they are also enough to find online. So now that our hanging method is out of the way, let’s get onto the fun part of dishing out some inspiration to you.

If it is a large wall that you’re looking to spruce up, a large canvas print is a great solution since they’re not heavy and will easily adhere to the hanging strips above. To make the apartment or house seem more your own, get your own custom print of a picture of your family or one that you’ve taken made. Vistaprint have some great options for this, and to help you save, check out a Vistaprint promo code when you shop online. Just make sure that you pick the right size for the wall – too small and it won’t look like enough and too big and it’ll overpower the room!

For smaller blank wall spaces say above a desk or in the hall, a collection of grouped photo frames is a good idea. Budget interior shops like IKEA sell picture frames which match, but in all different sizes meaning that you can mix and match to create an interesting piece of wall décor. Do all always choose the same frames though to avoid a patchy look – the pictures will be of course different so stick with that. And for a really budget option, you can always forget the frames and instead go crazy with a bit of wasabi tape. ‘Frame’ the photos with this for an eye-catching yet cheap way to display your photos.

Ok so our last option isn’t strictly a photo or picture one, however in the last few years large wall stickers (also known as decals) have really taken off and thanks to laser printing they are more intricate and impressive than ever. Inexpensive and easily available to buy online, these are easy to apply and when you carefully remove them, they leave no trace that they were ever there making them ideal for walls you can’t change! Check out Pinterest for some amazing wall sticker ideas.